Our portfolio


Argo’s investment portfolio is focused on quality and diversification. Comprising approximately 90 ASX-listed companies across a broad range of industries, our portfolio is not overly exposed to any one sector of the economy. Importantly, it includes Australian companies with substantial overseas operations.

Our portfolio is weighted towards established companies with reliable cashflows and sustainable dividends which we pass through to our shareholders as fully franked dividends. 

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Sector diversification

The investment portfolio can be divided into the follow industry sectors.

Figures above are to 30 April 2024.

Top 20 investments

Argo’s 20 largest investments as a percentage of the investment portfolio at
30 April 2024 are listed below.

Full list of portfolio holdings

Argo’s entire portfolio of investments, including the value of each holding, is released each year in the Annual Report. This list can be found on page 73 of our latest Annual Report.