Investment approach

Investment philosophy

Argo aims to provide consistent tax-effective income and long-term capital growth for our shareholders by investing in a diversified portfolio of Australian listed companies.

In technical terms, we describe ourselves as a value-style investor with a bottom-up approach to investment analysis. Put simply, we identify the highest quality Australian listed companies through detailed research and analysis. We then buy, or add to, those stocks when they are at prices representing good long-term value.

Argo’s listed investment company structure is ideally suited to building a long-term portfolio as it provides a stable pool of capital which allows us to take advantage of short-term market fluctuations.

This conservative and patient approach has stood the test of time providing long-term capital growth and dividend income to our loyal shareholders since 1946.

We take a long-term investment approach and strongly believe in the cumulative effects of investing in quality companies and avoiding the temptation to seek short-term gains from high-risk situations.

Investment process

Our investment process is focused on identifying quality companies with long-term growth prospects. Our disciplined approach is based on extensive qualitative and quantitative research. We review external information, although primarily conduct our own research to ensure independence.

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The key elements of our investment process are summarised below.