About us


Argo Investments (ASX code: ARG) is one of Australia’s oldest and largest listed investment companies (LICs). We offer investors low-cost, conservative and diversified exposure to around 90 Australian listed companies.

Through various economic cycles and disruptive events since Argo was founded in 1946, our long-term investment approach and straightforward business model has proven resilient.

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Today, Argo is one of the ASX’s top 100 companies investing more than $6 billion on behalf of more than 93,000 shareholders from across Australia and around the world.

Our objective is to maximise
long-term shareholder returns through reliable fully franked dividend income and capital growth.

Argo has a strong track record of delivering capital appreciation and has paid shareholders dividends every year since being established more than 75 years ago. Argo is owned by its shareholders and operated carefully for the benefit of all shareholders.

Shareholder returns – $10,000 invested over 20 years


Figures above are to 30 June 2024.

Low-cost, straightforward business model

Argo generates revenue primarily from dividends and distributions received from the companies in our investment portfolio. The majority of that income is paid out to our shareholders as fully franked dividends.

Our operating costs are relatively stable and are lower than most other managed investment products. Argo has few employees and is internally managed, meaning no fees are paid to external managers.

Our efficient business model also benefits from economies of scale with costs remaining relatively stable even as Argo’s assets increase.

Simple to invest

Argo shares are bought and sold on the ASX, just like BHP or Woolworths shares. There are no upfront, ongoing or exit fees to invest in Argo. The only costs to invest are stockbroking charges to buy or sell shares.

Invest in three easy steps.

Our name

The name Argo comes from to the Greek myth of Jason and the Argonauts who sailed in their ship the Argo in search of the golden fleece. The ancient ship has long been incorporated into our visual brand and has come to represent Argo’s journey over time which has seen the Company safely navigate through difficult conditions.