At a glance

Fully franked dividends of 34.5c over the past year
Argo has more than 93,000 shareholders
Management expense ratio (MER) of 0.15%
Argo was established in 1946 in Adelaide

Latest NTA per share

30 June 2024

Latest share price
(ASX price delayed by 20 min.)


Introducing Argo
An introduction and overview of the Company.

Investment philosophy
We explain our investment beliefs.

Low cost investment option
Our internally managed LIC structure.

How to invest
Investing in Argo in three easy steps.

Benefits of investing

internally managed
Internal management structure ensures low operating costs and no external fees

sustainable dividends
Dividends paid every year since inception in 1946 and fully franked since 1995

Diversified and administratively simple
Exposure to a diversified portfolio of Australian equities through a single ASX trade

Long-term, proven
investment approach
Resilience and growth through various market cycles and conditions over 75 years

Experienced board and management team
Highly experienced management with strong governance and conservative culture

Strong balance sheet
with no debt
A strong balance sheet and no debt allows a long-term approach to investing

Investing for our shareholders since 1946

For more than 75 years, we have consistently applied our long-term investment approach and remained focused on providing low-cost,  exposure to the Australian share market. Our objective is to maximise long-term returns to our shareholders through reliable fully franked dividend income and capital growth.