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2018 AGM - Chairman's Address

Chairman Russell Higgins AO addresses Argo's 2018 AGM

2018 AGM - Managing Director's Address

Managing Director Jason Beddow addresses Argo's 2018 AGM

2018 Annual General Meeting

Argo Investments 2018 AGM

2017 Annual General Meeting

Published 23 October 2017


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Argo Investments Limited (ARG) is an Australian listed investment company. Argo's objective is to maximise long-term returns to shareholders through a balance of capital and dividend growth. It does this by investing in a diversified Australian equities portfolio which is actively managed in a low cost structure in a tax-aware manner.
Argo was established in 1946 and today has over 85,000 shareholders and in excess of $5.5 billion portfolio invested across approximately 100 different equity holdings and cash.
Argo shares offer investors a professionally managed, diversified and easily traded exposure to the Australian equity market, without the need to pay fees to an investment manager.

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A record full year dividend of 31.5 cents per share for the 2018 financial year


Argo has over 85,000 shareholders


Management expense ratio at 0.15% of average assets