Corporate Governance

Argo is committed to responsible and transparent financial and business practices to protect and advance shareholders’ interests. 

The Company's strong corporate governance practices are based on the ASX Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations.

The Board has adopted these ASX principles and recommendations, however it believes that these rules and regulations are of limited value unless supported by a foundation of honesty and integrity.

The following Corporate Governance Statement summarises the Company's framework of corporate governance.

Board Charter

The Board of Directors' primary role is to ensure the long-term prosperity of the Company. The Board's specific responsibilities and powers are set out in the following Board Charter.

Board Committees

The Board delegates some of its functions to Board Committees, which are accountable to the Board. The following Committees are operational:

Audit & Risk

The Audit & Risk Committee comprises three independent, non-executive Directors, being Ms. A.B. Brennan (Chair), Ms. J.C. Morton and Mr. C.E. Cuffe.

The Committee provides assistance to the Board of Directors in fulfilling its responsibilities in relation to Argo’s financial reporting, internal control structure, risk management systems and the external audit functions.

The following Audit & Risk Committee Charter governs the Committee's operations:


The Remuneration Committee comprises three independent, non-executive Directors, being Mr. R.A. Higgins AO (Chair), Mr. G.I. Martin AM, and Mr. R.A. Davis.

The Committee reviews and advises the Board on remuneration arrangements for the non-executive Directors, the Managing Director and the senior executives. The Committee assesses the appropriateness of the nature and amount of remuneration of such officers on a periodic basis by reference to relevant employment market conditions, with the overall objective of ensuring maximum shareholder benefit from the retention of a high quality Board and executive team.

The following Remuneration Committee Charter governs the Committee's operations:

Policies and Codes

As part of Argo's strong framework of corporate governance and its commitment to honesty and integrity in its dealings with the community, the Company has adopted a number of policies and codes which apply to all Directors, Executives and other staff.