The Directors have declared:

2017 Final dividend16.0 cents per share (fully franked)
Ex-dividend date
Record date
Election date (for determining DRP participation)
Payment date
25 August 2017
28 August 2017
29 August 2017
15 September 2017

Argo has paid dividends in every year since it was established in 1946.

Dividends are paid out of the Company's profit from its investment operations.

Franking credits on dividends received by Argo are passed on to Argo shareholders through dividends that are fully or substantially franked, depending on tax credits available to the Company. The franked portion of Argo’s dividends provide tax benefits for Australian shareholders. Franked dividends also benefit overseas shareholders, since withholding tax is not deducted from such dividends. Since 1995, Argo's dividends have all been fully franked.

From 1 July, 2001, the taxation legislation was amended so that certain Australian resident Argo shareholders could receive capital gains tax relief for fully franked dividends sourced from eligible capital gains.

Shareholders with registered addresses in Australia or New Zealand may elect to have their dividends automatically reinvested in Argo shares, often at a discount to the market price, by participating in the Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP).

A list of the dividends paid by Argo since 1986 follows:

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