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Opposition to the removal of refundable franking credits

During Argo’s recent national roadshow, the issue most frequently raised and of greatest significance to our shareholders was the Australian Labor Party’s proposal to abolish refundable franking credits. Shareholders are deeply concerned and confused about the negative impact the policy would have on them. Read more about the issue here.

Inquiry into the implications of removing refundable franking credits

On behalf of shareholders, we recently made a submission to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Economics’ Inquiry into the implications of removing refundable franking credits. You can view our submission below:

July 2018 - ASX article 'Outlook for Australian shares in the new financial year'

Finance News Network's (FNN) investor event presentation

Published 11 April 2018

Jason presented at FNN's recent investor event in Sydney on LICs, Argo & AGLI.

Presentation overview - (14.49 minutes)

0.00 - slide 1 - Introduction & LICs

3.25 - slide 5 - Argo update

4.57 - slide 7 - AGLI update

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2017 Annual General Meeting

Published 23 October 2017

A live stream of the 2017 Annual General Meeting was broadcast at argoinvestments.com.au. the 2017 AGM was held at Adelaide Oval, William Magarey Room, on Monday 23 October 2017.